Tips for Smooth Home Tours

The Studio discusses what you can do to make your home tours smooth and stress free.

Tips For Smooth Home Tours

The Studio talks about how to make your home tours smooth and easy


Leave the Kids At Home

Probably your kids are better behaved than those. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to bring kids when you’re touring a house. You don’t want to be responsible for anything that gets damaged. Besides it’ll be a lot easier for you to concentrate on things like room sizes or condition of the property if you’re not distracted by the little ones. I know that’s not always possible and we have to make accommodations for families obviously and I happen to love kids. But if you can find someone to take care of them while you’re looking at houses, that’s the best plan.

Dress Appropriately

 You know there are all  kinds of properties to go visit at a showing. Rule number one, dress appropriately for the property.

Why would you want to be out in the middle of vacant land with mud, dust, and all that fun stuff, in a great sport coat or a three-piece suit and loafers? It just doesn’t fit very well, it doesn’t work. Conversely, as well as these boots may do out in vacant land, as you can see from the mess they’re not that great  inside a house.

So as you’re preparing to go out and look at home this season, make sure you got a great pair of slip-ons. Slip-on shoes that is. They slide on and off nice and easily. When you walk into homes anymore many sellers are asking that shoes be removed. Either that or have some booties on hand. but I tell you what, it’s really simple to have a great pair of slip ons. You’re rolling, kick your shoes off as you wander around. Putting them back on is a breeze, right? Just like that. 

Be Mindful of What you Say

Hey folks, back here again. I want to quickly tell you about what to do during showings and more specifically: what not to do. The trick is you want to pretend, and sometimes because that’s the case, that everything you say and everything that you do is being monitored. Now that could either be by the sellers themselves or maybe they just have friendly neighbors that want to say: “hey that group before was really complementary and a house I think you can gouge them on that price.” But why do we need to be cautious inside the home? After all, you’re the only ones there.


Well, the fact of the matter is microphones, cameras, can look like a whole lot of different things and they’re not that hard to come by. The microphone this is being recorded on looks a lot like this. Microphones can look like a lot less than microphone-y things too. This is a TV controller, it has a microphone. If you know what you’re doing it can be used just as a recording device if you want to set that up. Maybe more easily: an old phone, If you have an old phone you want to start a voice memo, or you just left it on her phone call. Now the seller hears exactly what you said.

Even speakers. Now it’s true that any speaker can be reversed and in and out of itself in a microphone, but that takes some technical knowledge to accomplish. but they also just have microphones built in a lot of the time.  Especially one of the newer smart speakers like your Alexa,  Google homes, home pods, the nest series by google, all those things have microphones. Even less-smart speakers still have microphones in them. So the easiest way to get around this and not act completely paranoid just imagine that you’re always being watched and listened to when you’re in and around a home that you are viewing.

So watch what you are saying, talk to your agent about the language that you want to use. Maybe talk on the phone on the way to the next listing. What’s what I do for my clients and it’s what I recommend that you do as well to keep yourself safe and competitive.