Selling in the Winter

We frequently get asked about selling a home during the winter months. The Studio gathered to answer this question on a Zoom call recently.

Here’s what they had to say!

Dan: As so many folks will have additional time on their hands between the holidays, we expect to see a significant up-tic in online traffic. Folks will be shopping with their thumbs, so your home’s digital presence should be on point to capture eyes.

Todd: There isn’t much competition in the winter months. What buyers are looking in the winter, are serious buyers, and will not have much inventory to choose from.

Sara: There are challenges to overcome, for sure. Weather and the earlier sunsets can make viewing homes challenging, but the Studio has specific suggestions, depending on your scenario.

Jeffrey: Often during the holidays, your home is decorated for the season. As you are putting the decorations away, preparing for showings, this is a great time to also grab a few books, or pieces of furniture to store away and reduce clutter.

Studio Spaces Contract to Close

In this week’s Studio Spaces video, Dan Kurylo and Todd Waller talk about the Federal Reserve’s recent lowering of the open market rate, the impact on mortgage rates, and the steps you will go through from accepted purchase contract to the closing table.

We found this podcast episode to be very informative about the operations of the Federal Reserve’s movement of the open market rate, and impact on mortgages.

What Did the Fed Just Do? | Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly.


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Vacant House Horror Stories | Ann Arbor’s Studio Four8 Partners

The Studio Four8 partners have seen some things in their work assisting buyers and sellers in beginning new chapters in life. If you’ve a vacant home that you are selling across the winter, or any time of year, you might want to consider winterizing your home. Watch for some horror story examples of what can go wrong.


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Exclusive Listings

An antiquated real estate practice seems to be making another return to our market place. We’ve even seen local real estate agents boasting about their practice of exclusive listings. Learn from the Studio partners why an exclusive listing is likely not in your best interest. Of course, you can reach out to the Studio partners and request a customized, detailed approach to the marketing of your home to meet the real estate goals you have.

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