Should You Sell Your Home in the Winter?

Is it a good idea to sell your home in the winter months? Studio Four8 comes together to discuss the pro’s and con’s of selling your home in the winter time.

Should you Sell Your Ann Arbor Area Home in the Winter?

The studio talks about selling in the snow


One of the questions we get this time of year is: should I really be selling my house in the winter? We got together to answer that question for you.

Bigger Audience

 Despite winter traditionally being a slow season in real estate there are some advantages. People are at home especially between that Christmas and New Years break. People are spending more time online, they’re scrolling online, they’re scrolling in Zillow or So digital marketing, especially social media marketing, can have a really big impact and a larger audience than other times in the year. If you list in the winter, those homes you are seeing could be yours.

Less Competition

As seller’s you have less competition. So when you bring a home to the market in the winter time, many of the other homes that might have come on Market, just flat-out are not there. The buyers that are walking through the marketplace looking at homes in the winter time, those are some of the most serious purchasers of the entire 12 months of the year.

Losing Daylight

 Some obvious challenges to showing houses this time of year. For example, we are often battling bad weather and snow. It gets dark at 5 o’clock which could be hard for some buyers who have to wait till after work to see the home. So there are some challenges but we definitely have tips and can help you work through and mitigate some of that.

Clearing Clutter

While most all of you probably have a great number of holiday decorations still in your house right after the holidays, and you’re going to find yourself boxing those up. What a great time to talk to us and find out how to properly stage your house and get it ready to go on the market. As long as those decorations are going away there might be a few more books or furniture that you also want to put away.

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