Colonial Square Cooperative of Ann Arbor

Colonial Square Cooperative in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a unique housing community that operates as a cooperative. Distinct from traditional renting or condominium ownership, this cooperative is characterized by collective ownership, where members are joint owners rather than tenants. Each shareholder holds a share in the corporation, granting them the right to occupy a townhouse within the community.

Following the principles of representative democratic control, Colonial Square Cooperative empowers its members with the ability to vote in electing a board of directors responsible for overseeing operations and directing the management team. Residents, referred to as members, play an active role in the decision-making processes, reinforcing the cooperative’s commitment to a collaborative living environment.

Financially, members contribute a monthly payment covering their proportionate share of the cooperative’s operational expenses. This encompasses various costs such as property taxes, water and sewer expenses, administrative fees, specified maintenance expenses, and contributions to reserve funds.

Colonial Square Cooperative in Ann Arbor, Michigan, stands out as a vibrant community of condos offering an array of beautiful styles and sizes at affordable prices. The condos for sale range from approximately 1,000 square feet, with prices varying between $169,900 and $184,000. This unique cooperative model not only provides a housing solution but also fosters a sense of collective ownership and community engagement among its residents.


School District: Ann Arbor Public Schools

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