Saline Real Estate Market Update | April 2021

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Saline Real Estate Market | April 2021

Todd Dives into the market stat numbers for Saline in April 2021


If you’re Looking for the Saline April 2021 Real Estate Market numbers, this video’s for you.

 Hey thanks for stopping by, my name is Todd and with Studio Four8 at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company realtors, and fresh off the multiple listing system are the April stats numbers for the city of Saline. Just to recap, these are single-family residences, houses, and condos that we are aggregating the information for. These are only properties that have sold in April of 2021. We are comparing, so when you hear the percent changes we are comparing to April of 2020. And just as a refresher, about a year ago we kind of shut everything down so we could figure out what to do with the pandemic, so some of these percent differences are going to seem incredible. And that’s because what we are dealing with now, we’re comparing exactly a year ago where we had very little in the way of business going out, we effectively shut down for a period of time. So some of these percent differences are going to seem incredible. 

Average Sales Price

So let’s get right into those numbers. So the average sales price for property in Saline was a whopping $552,484. That’s up almost 33%, 32.46% jump in price compared to April 2020. The median sales price also had a pretty significant jump, it jumped 25.71% to $475,000 as a median sales price in Saline, 475, that is tremendous without putting it too lightly I think. 

Days on Market

Days on market, days on market did fall precipitously. So the amount of time that it took for a property in Saline to go under contract fell 54.34% to 19 days. It was an average of 19 days to get a home in Saline under contract. Pretty impressive. That also speaks to the demand and the lack of supply that we have in the marketplace in Saline right now. 

Properties Sold At Or Above List Price

The number of properties sold jumped almost 6%, 5.88%, compared to again April of 2020. There were a total of 36 properties that sold in the month of April 2021. The final stat that I have recently added to this report is the percentage of properties that have sold at or above list price, meaning the seller accepted an offer that was at least list price, if not higher. The percentage of properties that sold in April 2021 that were at or above list price was 52.78%. That’s almost 53% of the properties sold in April 2021 sold at or above list price.

So all this to say, if you own a property in the city of Saline, and you are even thinking about selling your property, or maybe you want to get the value on your property, because you know what, property is appreciating. Maybe you want to pull some equity out? I would love to be your resource, to help guide you through what these numbers mean for your specific scenario as well as help you craft a plan. If you’re moving across town or moving across the country, I would love to be your resource when it comes to crafting how we bring our property to market and how do we go about finding that replacement property. This is Todd with Studio Four8 saying we’re here to recreate real estate. 

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