Selling in the Winter

We frequently get asked about selling a home during the winter months. The Studio gathered to answer this question on a Zoom call recently.

Here’s what they had to say!

Dan: As so many folks will have additional time on their hands between the holidays, we expect to see a significant up-tic in online traffic. Folks will be shopping with their thumbs, so your home’s digital presence should be on point to capture eyes.

Todd: There isn’t much competition in the winter months. What buyers are looking in the winter, are serious buyers, and will not have much inventory to choose from.

Sara: There are challenges to overcome, for sure. Weather and the earlier sunsets can make viewing homes challenging, but the Studio has specific suggestions, depending on your scenario.

Jeffrey: Often during the holidays, your home is decorated for the season. As you are putting the decorations away, preparing for showings, this is a great time to also grab a few books, or pieces of furniture to store away and reduce clutter.

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