Saline Real Estate Market Update | February 2023

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Hey this is Dan with studio 48 at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company realtors let’s get right into that Saline housing data, shall we?

 Saline in February of 2023 saw 3.4% decrease in average sales price as compared to February 2022. This year the median sales price however was up 12% to $515,000 this year compared to $460,000 last February. 

Now the days on Market are actually down quite a bit as well, coming down 23.8% to 48 days on Market from last February. 63 days on Market, closed sales as well, up a little bit. 27 closed sales in February of 2023 which is an 8% increase than that we saw in February of 2022.

Now the percentile list price received dropped as well, 2.2% down to 96.4% from last year’s 98.6%. What this means for you is that Saline is seeing a little bit more activity in higher price points right now. That’s going to be what’s driving that median sales price up while the average sales price itself is dropping a little bit.

Now the days on market coming down tells me that we might see a little bit more of an increase in that average sales price as demand is heating up. More homes are selling, they’re on the market for less time. It also tells me there’s some significant demand, but that buyer demand hasn’t yet translated into selling, on average, over list. In fact we’re down a little bit. So what this means for you is going to be situation dependent, whether you’re buying, selling, what your needs are, and what your timeline looks like, quite frankly.

So give us a call here, we would love to chat with you about your situation and take this from data on a page to something that we can apply into your home search or your home sale at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company realtors.

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