How To Make Your Offer More Competitive

As the housing market in Ann Arbor continues to be highly competitive, with lower inventory levels and strong buyer demand, Studio Four8 remains committed to assisting buyers in helping their offers get noticed in a multiple bid scenario. To explain some of the techniques that we recommend to make your offer more competitive, and frequently use, we gathered to shoot a series of videos.

These four videos, each about a minute to a minute and a half in length, provide insight on what we’ve seen work in multiple bidding scenarios.

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Make your offer more competitive

Exclusive Listings

An antiquated real estate practice seems to be making another return to our market place. We’ve even seen local real estate agents boasting about their practice of exclusive listings. Learn from the Studio partners why an exclusive listing is likely not in your best interest. Of course, you can reach out to the Studio partners and request a customized, detailed approach to the marketing of your home to meet the real estate goals you have.

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Depot Town Favorites

Join Studio partner, Todd Waller, on this weeks’ video quest to learn more about Todd’s Depot Town Favorites! This week features side-by-side businesses: Ollie Food & Spirits + Cream & Crumb.

We got to have an interview with Patrick, the manager over at Cream & Crumb, to learn more about what makes it unique! Check it out.