5 Local Ann Arbor Area Pools to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

This uncharacteristically hot May might have your thoughts wandering to summer. Here are our favorite Ann Arbor Area pools to spend some fun in the sun:

Rutherford Pool

Located in Ypsilanti, the Rutherford pool offers swimming lessons and a recently renovated bath house.


Rolling Hills Water Park

This water park features a lazy river, 5 water slides, a wave pool, and a splash pad.


Veterans Memorial Pool

Opening Memorial day weekend, this outdoor pool also features a rain drop splash area for children.

Fuller Park

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Fuller Park Pool including a waterslide; seven-lane, 50-meter lap pool; shallow area with ramp access; 12-foot-deep diving well; and plenty of open space and lounge chairs to relax, grills for events and space that can accommodate almost any size group.

Buhr Park

Buhr Park Pool features a six-lane, 25-yard pool with a deep well and a separate zero-depth entry children’s wading pool with interactive play toys. It has 39 acres of rolling hills, picnic areas with barbecue grills, a play area, softball diamonds, soccer fields and outdoor tennis courts at the park.

Reflecting With Sara About Being “That Realtor Friend”

Congratulations to Michelle and Jon on their successful sale and purchase!

In April of this year, this happy couple celebrated the 4th sale that these Clients have closed with Sara Maddock. Ask any seasoned Realtor, and they will tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than earning the trust and friendship of the people we serve, so that we can continue as their guide and consultant for a lifetime of transactions, spanning literally decades.

Sara met Michelle back in 2006 when she was single and looking to become a homeowner. She quickly realized that more important than the house, Michelle was intent on finding property with storage for her boat!  “I used to joke that I’d find her a nice pole barn, with maybe a place to pitch a tent on the property!,” Sara laughs. 

Not long after that, Michelle met and married Jon and a couple of years later, they brought their new baby home to the little house in Milan. Kids come with a lot of ‘stuff’, however, and after they grew out of that place, Sara sold it and helped them to purchase a beautiful 1.5 story home on acreage, with a pond view and more space. But after nearly 10 years Jon longed for his dream property, which would not only provide the space and privacy the family loves, but would also provide enough land to hunt easily without ever leaving home.

“I enjoy the excuse to tour with old friends, and if nothing else it’s an opportunity to catch up”

It took a little longer this time. “We’ve looked on and off for years, which is typical for my Clients who are satisfied with where they are, but are open to moving if their dream property comes along. I enjoy the excuse to tour with old friends, and if nothing else it’s an opportunity to catch up.” 

This time though, Michelle and Jon called Sara before she’d even made it down the gorgeous, tree-lined driveway to say, “We want to write an offer!’”

In a competitive market like we are in now, it might seem all but impossible to get a house under contract while contingent on selling the existing home. But the Studio Four8 team has shown over and over that this is possible and we can make it happen when the circumstances are right. 

“This is their Forever House for sure,” says Sara, “but after all these years I know that our paths will intersect outside of the real estate transactions. I love that I’m able to call Michelle and Jon my friends, and not ‘just clients’. And maybe someday I’ll sell their daughter her first house.”

 Want Sara as your new Realtor Friend?

Send her an Email at sara@saramaddock.com

Our Favorite Garden Centers and Nurseries in the 48’s

Spring is here! As the ground starts warming up and the birds start to sing our attention is turned towards our gardens. Here are a few of our favorite local garden centers and nurseries that we love to pick up everything from our early springtime blooms to our vegetable plants from:

Todd | Block’s Stand and Greenhouse

“Blocks: when they open for the season, they have all the things you’ll need, and want, for your garden. From plants, to implements, to garden gnomes.”

Family owned for 5 generations, Block’s Stand and Greenhouse has green thumbs that run in the family. With 46 greenhouses, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Block’s will be open for business April 29th.

Sara | Pinter’s Flowerland

“Every year, our family celebrates Mother’s Day by heading over to Pinter’s Flowerland to walk through their greenhouses, load up with annuals and get some great photos while we’re there. Added bonus that Banotai Greenhouse is right across the road!”

Pinter’s Flowerland is another family owned nursery that has been passed down for 5 generations. Pinter’s Flowerland grows their plants within their own facility and offers a broad selection of plants, trees/shrubs, produce, garden supplies, landscaping supplies, and cut flowers for all occasions.

Jeffrey | English Gardens

“English gardens on Plymouth rd, formerly Plymouth nursery, is a wealth of everything for gardeners and want-to-be-gardeners! Plants, landscaping, gorgeous overflowing hanging baskets, and more.”

English Gardens employs more than 200 full time employees and 400 seasonal employees, making it part of the life blood of the local community. They offer a special service they call “Garden Pharmacy” where associates can diagnose plant troubles and recommend solutions. 

Dan | Lotus Gardenscapes

Lotus Gardenscapes is an award winning design/build landscaping company that can make your gardening dreams come true. They specialize in designing a beautiful garden space for you then helping you bring that dream to green leafy life.

How To Make Your Offer More Competitive

As the housing market in Ann Arbor continues to be highly competitive, with lower inventory levels and strong buyer demand, Studio Four8 remains committed to assisting buyers in helping their offers get noticed in a multiple bid scenario. To explain some of the techniques that we recommend to make your offer more competitive, and frequently use, we gathered to shoot a series of videos.

These four videos, each about a minute to a minute and a half in length, provide insight on what we’ve seen work in multiple bidding scenarios.

If you have questions, or would like to put Studio Four8 to work for you, simply fill out the form below.

Studio Four8 Partner, Sara Maddock | sara@saramaddock.com | 734-649-1180
Studio Four8 Agent, Dan Kurylo | dan@dankurylo.com | 517-304-3125
Studio Four8 Partner, Jeffrey Post | jp@jpostrealestate.com | 734-476-8326
Studio Four8 Partner, Todd Waller | todd@toddwaller.com | 734-564-7465

Make your offer more competitive

Exclusive Listings

An antiquated real estate practice seems to be making another return to our market place. We’ve even seen local real estate agents boasting about their practice of exclusive listings. Learn from the Studio partners why an exclusive listing is likely not in your best interest. Of course, you can reach out to the Studio partners and request a customized, detailed approach to the marketing of your home to meet the real estate goals you have.

Email us: hello@studiofour8.com