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At Studio Four8, our team firmly believes in the significance of community engagement, and we have found restaurant highlights to be an invaluable avenue for fostering these connections. Interacting with our community through food allows us to establish genuine relationships and develop a deeper understanding of the local culinary landscape. By sharing our thoughts and experiences about local dining establishments, we not only provide valuable insights to our community members but also demonstrate our commitment to supporting local businesses.

These highlights enable us to connect with individuals on a personal level, sparking conversations and establishing ourselves as trusted advisors within the community. Through our engagement in restaurant highlights, we aim to create a vibrant network that not only strengthens community ties but also establishes us as a dedicated real estate team deeply invested in the overall well-being of the neighborhoods we serve.

The Dixboro Project

Ann Arbor locals of a certain age may arrive to the North East location with fond memories of its predecessor, the Lord Fox, long a favorite venue for Prom and Rehearsal dinners. 

They will remember the lovely setting, but everything else will astonish and delight. The restaurant and its connected coffee shop, known as Dixboro House and The Boro respectively, were completed in 2021 and despite being just 3 miles east of our office on Plymouth Rd., last week was our first opportunity to dine there together. What a treat!

The food is sophisticated and at the same time accessible, so it is an ideal restaurant for abi rthday brunch or business meeting. With vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as unique appetizers and truly delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, you can’t go wrong here regardless of with whom you are dining.

Every table has a lovely view of the gardens or wooded creek, and although the ceilings are lofty, we had no issues conversing together without shouting or being overheard. Pricing was on par with most of Ann Arbor’s lovelier restaurants, only with easier parking. Bonus that you can check out the Dixboro General Store on your way in and pick up a clever locally-sourced gift ahead of the holidays.

We hope to treat you to a meal here to celebrate your house closing or to thank you for a referral. In the meantime we highly recommend you check out The Dixboro Project, The Boro and the Boro to Go.

Nori Tempura

Once you’ve tried the tangy mushroom puree, you will crave it till your next meal here

Broccoli and Compte Agnolotti

Filling without being heavy and a perfect end-of-summer dish

Squash Gazpacho

The Soup du Jour was fresh and creamy

Ginger Sour

If you like ginger, this is a perfect spirit-free mix

Fresh Baked Cookie

Pro Tip: Ask for a fresh-baked chocolate cookie from the bakery as a take-home dessert

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