The Four8 Foodies | Karl’s Cabin

If comfort food and comfortable settings are what you are seeking, then Studio Four8 highly recommends a visit to the iconic Karl’s Cabin on Gottfredson Rd in Salem Township, MI.

As the name suggests, this “cabin” has all the comfort of your favorite grandma’s home – wood log style interior, fireplaces, soft lights and easy on the eyes. And just like you would hope, the delightful dishes that come from their kitchen as just the thing to make you relax and enjoy deliciousness at it’s best.

Karl’s opened for business in 1982 and immediately had a dedicated following of loyals. This all came to an abrupt stop last February when a fire closed the doors and the timing for repair and renovation was a big question mark. Well, the locals were thrilled with in November of 2023 they reopened to new systems, new interior, greater efficiency, and their trademark dishes still intact. From Maryland Crab cakes to Chili, Cabin Burgers to French Dip, their signature standards from starters to sweet desserts are back without even missing a beat.

New dishes with comfort as their middle name will be at the top of your list including a Michigan Whitefish sandwich that is yummy to the last bite! The popularity of this destination suggests reservations would be the best plan, but it is worth any wait at all. Karl’s is ready for you, and make it a go to for 2024!

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